And why should we give you the job?


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April 26, 2012Writings on...No comments

I’m good at what I do.

It’s not the greatest answer. By no means one that will end up on a quotation site – and yes, of course, I will expand.

It is the right answer. It is why they should give me the job.

I try never to explain what I do for a living. It’s not that I am a spy, or that what I do is top secret – even if most of the documents I read are labelled as confidential; or sent via email with an angry, red exclamation mark stamped on it.

What I do is work for one institution, which hosts another – that works on behalf of a third one. If I say I work for the first one, they automatically assume it is something it is not. If I say I work for the second one, then I get a lot of blank expressions. Say I work on behalf of the third, and it seems to confuse those who think I do something entirely different.

But the key here is that when I do tell them – I have to explain it to them. Have to walk them through the links by which I get paid by one, work for another, based on requirements provided by the third.

Explaining – that’s what I’m good at.

I explain through sitting people down: in meetings, on teleconferences, in front of the documents I have written; and explain to them, in the words they are comfortable with – why I need them to help me. How they will soon be able to help themselves.

It’s not rocket science. The job I am going for will pay me far beyond what I am on now. Beyond what the tabloids believe is just, when compared to doctors or soldiers – I don’t set the salary scales.

What I do, is work. Work hard at converting the ideas of others in to plans, reports and achievable goals. Something they can measure. Something they can present to others as their own. Something – in this case – that should go on to benefit a great many, over the lifecycle of the project.

I can do this job, because, whisper it quietly, there are some parts I am already doing.

But more so, I can do this job, because it is what I am good at.

Ah, there’s my call to go in for the interview – see you all on the other side.

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