Postcards from Milan – Consistency rules


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May 19, 2012Il viaggioNo comments


I tend to talk about Ice Cream, Gelato, a lot when I am in Italy.

It is, as though, a holiday can only be measure by how good the Holy Trinity – of Gelato, Birra and History have been. I’ve already confirmed how good the beer is in an earlier post, and to be honest, Milan’s history is passing me by on this trip – but there is still plenty of space on this blog to cover gelato.

I prefer to seek out an indie where possible – it can have multiple branches in the same city; but that’s about it.

Unless I am in the north of the country. Then I seem to have found a default yardstick, by which to measure all others – Grom.

Grom is a massive chain. It hasn’t hit the UK yet, but it’s found its way to New York and Paris. It has its betters. It has a lack of punch in some flavours, seemingly missing the rough cuts of fruit or nut – but it is consistent. Very consistent. And it at least plays by the seasons – changing its range based on the ingredients of the time.

The chain has a touch of bluff about it. References to a back story and the building of a commercial family, but for all that – its gelato, nor its staff – will ever let you down.

If you can find a good indie, then do so. If you can’t – then take consistency over everything else.


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