Postcards from Milan – Heaven thy name is…


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Hidden on a side street, just out of site of Milan’s impressive Duomo, is Princi.

Princi is a bakery. It was recommended to me ahead of this trip by Gino De Blasio – firstly through tweets he’d sent from his own Milanese excursion, and then via email to make sure.

Princi is a long, thin bakery with a counter, which is split in to five sections, which runs the length of the unit.

When you walk in you will see the bread piled high in the window. Next is a patisserie area with cakes, pastries and flans of all varieties – containing cream, fruit and lashings of chocolate. Next are the pizzas and focaccias, sold – as appears to be the way in Milan – by the kilo. The customer chooses what they want, makes hand gestures to show how much they want – and the slice is weighed; a price confirmed.

Next up is an area of pasta, rice and antipasti – before the counter ends with a coffee bar, serving more pastries and croissants. It really is a counter that could feed you all day long – but for the fact that just one slice of pizza is more than enough for this traveller – which for the record was prosciutto and Brie.

One added bonus is that if you sit at the coffee bar end, you even get to see them fire the bread in the ovens – positioned behind a spectator friendly, glass wall.

I’m not one for going back to places when on a short holiday, but I think I might make an exception for Princi. It really was that good!

Princi – Piazza XXV Aprile 5, Milan

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