Postcards from Milan – Lavoro


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May 20, 2012Il viaggioNo comments

I’ve done a fair bit of walking on this trip.

As I’ve walked around, I’ve not, as is customary, looked in the expensive shop windows of Milan. I’ve been more interested in the grey, soulless looking buildings that sit above, or behind that gloss of fashion.

It’s no secret that I would like to live out here one day – preferably in the North, either Turin or Milan. If I was to move the family – including Nonna *shudder* then, to do it before we are too old, I would have to find a job out here.

Amy has taught English abroad before, and I guess would not be adverse to doing so again. I don’t think I have the patience/interest to spend the next twenty years teaching someone that cats regularly like to sit on mats. Three years in the same role is my upper limit.

So it has been interesting matching familiar names to buildings as I’ve walked round.

My mate Padraig is looking to use his current role with a well known consultancy firm to springboard his own emigration – and whilst I don’t have such immediate opportunities, there’s definitely scope to do it.

A background in Project, Programme and Customer Services Management must surely be transferable – even if my current language skills are not. Though my English, plus my university administration experience might find a home out here?

Sometimes it’s good to look in the windows of Armani and dream. But then there are other times when it’s good to look at the rows of office blocks behind and think:

What if?

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