Postcards from Milan – No drain, no strain


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May 18, 2012Il viaggioNo comments

Let the train take the strain.

That was Sir Jimmy’s advertising catchphrase. As though all other forms of transport were a hardship.

I love catching the train in Italy. I love watching the countryside roll by as I stare, transfixed at the rolling landscape as it flashes past my window. What makes it all the better, is that I usually travel first class – especially on the regional trains.

Yesterday, as I stood in front of the ticket machine, trying to buy a ticket to Milan, from Bergamo, in Italian – I noticed that the difference between first and second class was €1. A 50 minute journey with only a euro’s difference in class? Why are people even bothering to travel second class?

Admittedly first class is nothing more than extended legroom and a plug for my iPhone – but still. It hardly seems worth the trouble travelling any other way.

Let the train take the strain – without any fear of breaking the bank. Why do we stand for anything less back home?

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