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May 20, 2012Il viaggioNo comments

Think of this postcard, not just as an update – but as a handy tip if you are a virgin to these shores.

You see, there’s a chance where you may have to buy something to eat – that’s cheap and quick – that requires you to interact with someone behind a counter.

Someone, who by the very nature of the counter’s presence, hates you – by default.

This situation regularly arises in train station buffet bars. I think they’re great, quick and relatively inexpensive – especially when compared with back home. The key to these places is that you have to pay before you ask. Pay, not the people who will serve your food – but a person sat at the till – usually in a corner, away from the counters.

The staff serving are clearly so fed up of telling tourist, after tourist how the system works – that they just bark “Ticket!” in their general direction. Us old hands usually step in at this point – but even if you do it right, know exactly what you want and how much it costs, you still get the same, down turned facial expressions.

They snatch your ticket, rip it to show they’ve served you and, without any further interaction, plonk your goods down in front of you.

Don’t take it personally. They’re miserable to everyone.

Just more so if you don’t have your TICKET!

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