Postcards from Milan – The fallen


May 21, 2012Il viaggioNo comments

Memories, friendships, calories and Mulino Bianco products – are just some of the things I will be taking back from this trip.

They are the lucky ones. For not everything I have with me in Milan will be making the return leg home.

My shoes, which have served my working life and rare smart social appearance requirements so well to date (they’ve been crap, actually) – did not quite make the full trip.

Neither did the toenail on my left foot.

I’m not exaggerating when I say how much it rained yesterday – and how wet I got. My trusty Harrington is still damp, some 15 hours later – but the shoes are beyond saving; well, beyond wanting to save.

The sole gave up the ghost. The uppers drying white in parts – the insides a mess of material that, even with sole repaired would make them uncomfortable.

As for that toenail – well, it had seen better days before this trip. Wearing shoes, for months, that never quite expanded enough was its undoing. It was only a matter of time.

And yet it still rains. I’m down to my last pair of boxers, half damp jeans and a jacket, that absorbs water quicker than I can drink beer.

Now, is as good a time as any, to replace that umbrella I broke a year ago!

Anyone know how to burn sodden shoes? #valhalla

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