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January 2, 2013Writings on...No comments


Long time, no – whatever it is you do on here? I know I write; though I am not entirely sure what it is YOU do?

Anyways. It’s been a long time since I left you, because, well, I can’t be bothered.

WAIT! Don’t go – not just yet. Give me one last post before you leave (even if I MAY have left already).

When I say bothered I actually mean it. What is the point of this blog? In previous years it was used to illuminate the mundanity of life. Not necessarily to you, dear (again – what is it you do?), but more so me. My output was always at its peak when, life, especially my working life, was devoid of any challenge – no effort required.

That has changed. I now have a “responsible” job. I am busy, in the main, from the minute I walk in to the minute I walk out. There’s no real opportunity to stare out of the window and find inspiration for a post on here – and not just because I now sit with my back to that window. There is no definitely no temptation to sit in front of one screen all day, then another all night (well, 30 mins or so to write – but you get the idea).

You might expect me to say something about being busy with one child and another on the way – but in truth, this blog was always written away from the pressures of family life – either on lunch or in the darkest hours of the night.

I have been thinking about killing this blog for a while now. Then I get an idea to devote the content to one subject – musings on the family – which then spirals in my head to cover parents, children, pets, children, food, children, headbanginglyfrustratingdadstuff. Then I remember that is what this blog is supposedly about. Where did I lose direction?

Why kill the blog I hear someone pretending to sigh. Well it costs money – to host and to name. I could keep it running indefinitely, but then I’d rather spend the £6 a month on something more SQUIRREL!!! Actually, £6 isn’t a lot. It’s cheaper than my Which subscription and I can’t remember the last time they updated their reviews on ice cream machines – which is the reason I got it in the first place. And we can’t even have our ice cream and champagne buckets in the freezer at the same time. Where was that factor scoring when I needed it, hey Which? But I still keep up that subscription. Oh how terribly wasteful.

So – kill the blog or not to kill the blog – and if I kill it, how to do it? Should I get other blogs – blogs I thought I could trust, to stick the knife in? If it were a Norse King of a blog, would it even make it to Valhalla? Caught in a storm – flames dying out before the posts were torched – ending up as mere food to the fish that are web analytics. Will the posts self destruct in 5 seconds? Does anything really die on the net?

The old art of writing 600 words on nothing has not left me, but I’m not sure that is incentive enough. Can anyone see the switch? That cable over there. Go on, give it a tug and see what will happen. If in doubt, you could always cut the blue cable. Or is it the red one? Why do bomb designers not just make all their cables the same colour.

Anyhoo. Toodle pip and all that – see you on the other side.

The end?

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