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March 31, 2013Harry King LiveNo comments


There is something I want to share with you.

It is something; they are something that I have started to share with your sister. It is music. The music I love.

You may be named, in part, after a footballer. To see your namesake Marco Tardelli celebrate. To tell your mum how she makes me feel like Marco Tardelli celebrating – to sit looking at you and your sister and imagine my own, lost in the moment celebration, suggests that with hope, rather than expectation, I will want to share sport with you both; but it’s not essential that I do.

What is essential is to share music with you. To see your expression when you first hear a song I love. To see how you interpret that song in to movement – as dance. Your sister dances all the time. Most nights, when dinner has finished she shouts for music. She shouts for us to join her on the floor and to dance before bed. I do it, gladly – extremely happy.

She thinks, at just under four, that all music is disco. I don’t want to correct her. Your mum asks her what emotion the music projects? When you might play that music? We play music together; music makes us happy.

Not all music, but that’s what I want to share with you, as I do your sister. I want you to understand that a song is more than just noise. It is music, words, emotions – the start, never the end.

That a song could fill you with so much emotion that you feel you may want to cry; whilst another can make you sit and laugh as it reminds you of every good time you’ve ever shared. That there are some songs that make you want to be alone – and others that make you want to spend the rest of your life with someone.

There’s possibly an over told tale that in some ways I am married to your mum because of a song.  The day I heard her sing “The Specials – Too Much Too Young” feels like the moment my life finally came together. I can still picture myself sat at a friend’s table as she walked down the stairs, singing the song as she did. My heart leapt. I don’t think it ever came back down again.

So as I play you albums you may grow up to despise, or sing songs you’ll never quite know what they are by the tune I try to hit – understand that I do it, so that one day, you’ll find your very own song to share. 

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