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March 31, 2013Letters to LaurenNo comments


There’s a place in your head.

A place you go to – a place I’m not sure exists in my own.

It’s where you find a moment of magic. A moment which captivates, which enthrals – a place I love to see you in; see you exploding out of.

It’s where your creativity exits – something which is truly coming to the fore. You dance, you draw, you sing, you imagine – you create. You make the time we spend together as entertaining as any I have enjoyed in my life. I wait eagerly for the next time a song springs from your tongue, or a dance finds its way to your feet.

It is as though something clicked just before Christmas. You once drew an owl; a near perfect replica of a picture at your nursery – but that was a long time ago. Then, without warning, a spark of imagination turned in to a song. The sound of another song turned in to an elaborate dance. It was a joy to see it all form, first as a picture of concentration across your face, then as an act out on your very own, imaginative stage.

I’m starting to see it more, the more I let myself go. You see, the more I stop you doing something (cooking, drawing, dreaming) because you are “not doing it the right way”, the more I realise that your way – is the right way.

Through your creativity, your creative space, my eyes have been opened to how boring and conformist I can be. I really just need to start being a whole lot more like you.

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