Retro review: Raggy-Conceptual “Form and Funktion (Original Mix)”


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A mess – there is no other way to describe it.

As intros go, the drum pattern on “Conceptual – Form and Funktion” is a mess. The pace, without knowing what is to follow, feels too excitable; too pronounced. Why would you start a track as though imitating a panic attack? Why would you then throw in a squelch sound other than to dampen the drums; the very same drums that you want people to believe in?

Because he can – because Raggy knows what is about to follow. And what is about to follow is the ultimate clubbing moment; that last tune of the night. That pace that seemed too pronounced, too excitable; quickly leads you in to the heart of the tune. A tune that rolls the hem of your top up – that raises your arms. As the keys come in, as the tune starts to build; so does the understanding. What you might have previously tried to dismiss; quickly sucks you in. Tops off, fist pump; that erratic pace is now leading, drawing you towards a breakdown that will have you licking the shoulders of the person stood next to you. Cuddling anyone; everyone – eagerly awaiting the next big, bass drop.

And then you leap. Bouncing around the room as though the very energy within the tune, that energy you mocked some six minutes earlier; is the very energy you need to see you through your journey home

Keys, squelches – even those drum loops. They all come together as one, in just under 10 minutes, to form the perfect track to close a night out with. Kill the intro, within an outro – spotlights crashing through the dark – and you have a hands up, mouth wide open, end to what could have been a perfect night.

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    24 hour, all power, no shower….

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