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April 16, 2013Letters to LaurenNo comments


 So today came.

Bringing with it the email that, in part, helps to shape the next seven years of your life – shape, yes; determine – definitely not.

The email informed us that you have been offered a place at our, and I emphasise our, fourth choice school for you. We always knew that this would be the most likely outcome. We are outside of the catchment area for our first choice, and the second and third choices have set criteria that were designed to put other children before you. They are only before you in the sense that their families have faith in something other than just each other.

So what next? Well, we will ask to be placed on a waiting list for our first choice school. We will present our case to be considered – not necessarily before any other child – but as per an acknowledgement of our interest to secure you a place in that school. We will ask your Grannie, with her vast knowledge and experience of this process, to guide us; to help us. I like to think I know everything – I just know there are some people who know slightly more than me.

And then we wait. We may have to accept that you are going to the school the local council has provided to you. A school that may not be the best or most desirable choice, but one we know at least one other child from your nursery is going to. We will look at ways in which we, as a family, can look to support your educational development – irrespective of which school you get in to. We will go back to both schools to understand better if the choices we are making; are the right choices for you.

Because it really isn’t about the schools – it is all about you. Everything we do, no matter what you think now and in the future, will always be, out of love, for you.

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