Two months on


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April 24, 2013Harry King LiveNo comments

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You are two months old. You could easily pass for someone at least two months older.

It may have taken you two weeks to open your eyes, fully; but from then, alert is very much the order of the day (and night). You can spot a person moving within your line of sight and then you fix them; focussed on their every move. You spent 20 minutes transfixed by Lauren last night. You watched as she ate, as she moved. Your eyes didn’t leave her until she left you.

Then there’s the growing. Oh boy, are you growing.

You moved out of your Moses basket in to your cot last night. I can’t remember when Lauren moved in to a cot, but I am sure it wasn’t as early as two months. Truth told you could have moved in after six weeks; it just took me two weeks to get round to Nonna’s to pick it up.

The Moses basket was meant to last you another two months. Who knows how big you will be two months from now. You were never really our little baby. You are now, most definitely, our big boy; in his big boy cot. Another step closer to sharing a bunk bed with your sister.

Now, that will make her happy.



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