Unconditional love


April 13, 2013Letters to LaurenNo comments


We love you. We love you more and more each day.

You love us. You tell us more and more each day.

You tell us your love is “Up to the ceiling, down to the floor, round the world and lots, lots more.” That’s how much my Mum loves me – it was the same amount my Nan, my Dad’s mum loved me. It was the way I expressed my love to your Mum on our wedding day. It’s our family thing.

And now our family has grown. We now have a son; you have a brother. We love your brother very much. Without him, we were still a very happy family. With him, we are now a very happy family with two wonderful children. Two children we hope will love each other for many years to come.

You say you love Harry. You don’t have to. No one is asking you if you do. Yet you tell him; you kiss him as you do. You say “I love him. He’s my brother”. The full stop means a lot. You don’t know that you have to love him, unconditionally, because he is your brother. You just do. You could be angry that he takes up so much of our time. You could be jealous, resentful even of the attention he gets. You’re not. Or at least you don’t appear to be. You just look happy; happy with your brother.

You want to cuddle him, to squeeze him, to stroke his face and tell him you love him. He can’t respond in words, but he does turn his head to you – he does allow you, without crying or murmuring, to cuddle him. There is a bond forming. It may only be one sided at the moment – but given the importance of our family, our happy family; it is a bond that means the world to me right now.

We love you. You love us. We love each other.



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