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Kid’s Meal – Pinche Pinche


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April 27, 2013Family Affair Food and DrinkNo comments

There are times when I wonder if it is more hassle than it is worth trying to impose some kind of order to this blog (drunken, late night posts accepted). Such a time came last Saturday night, as, sat in Pinche Pinche in Chapel Allerton, Leeds – I sank my teeth in to the softest, most tender, lamb burrito I had ever eaten. With every glorious bite of lamb, cheese and salsa, my thoughts turned, not to plate but to this place – to how I was going to have to write, not just a plethora of complimentary phrases, but something slightly more critical. For across the table sat Lauren; and her near untouched plate. Food reviews, at least restaurant reviews have been given over


“She’s a staffie. Staffie cross actually.” “Oh!” Oh is a fairly familiar response. What Oh! really means is “I’ve seen in the news that they are horrible, killer dogs. What kind of parent would have one of those in their house?” Oh is usually followed by “how is she with the children?” She’s really good with the children; really, very good. You never quite know if that bit sinks in when they consider the” killer” dog you have in your house; but then, there’s a massive difference between having them in your house – and leaving them alone with your children. Hooch came to us from a kennel. Her previous owners had moved abroad and months, months later, we stumbled across a site where they


It’s the liquid. The amount of liquid involved, that flows out, that covers the space, that shocks you, me; the most. Forget tidal waves of emotions – this was a tidal wave of a birth. Delivering your own child is a strange, never to be matched experience. The experience is further heighted when you, sometime after, try to piece it all back together again. There are the obvious whys – as in, why were we there? Why did it happen that way? Then there are the hows – how did someone not respond in time? How did we ever get through that together? We got through it with help. With a reassuring voice on the end of the phone; from a midwife trained to deal